DOCUMENTARY " Sounds of the World: Mauritius"

DOCUMENTARY "Sounds of the World: Mauritius" , 2016

Director: Sîla
Languages: French, creole
Subtitles: Eng, Fr
Duration: 58'
Format: HD 16/9
Production: Derives Productions
Year: 2016



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Small island known as a tourist paradise, Mauritius is full of artists among the most talented of the Indian Ocean.

Filmmaker Sîla, who has travelled around the globe as a musician, went to meet this evolving independent country, where music had a considerable role on « Mauricianism », this fight to unite a people, historically divided in several communities.

An epic journey of the senses, full of emotions, which takes us to the heart of a country in a rare and profound way. Between anecdotes and revelations, three generations of artists and most popular influential actors invite us to rediscover Mauritius.


Thanks to our partners:
Lakaz Chamarel - Théâtre de Port Louis - Centre Nelson Mandela - Club med pointe des canonniers - - Dombeya festival - Kaz out festival - Studio Kapricorn - J&J auditorium
Special thanks to:
Bruno Raya - Eric Triton - Linzy Bacbotte - Percy Yip Tong - Zulu - Hans Nayna - Menwar - Marclaine Antoine - Serge Lebrasse - Nancy Desrougère - Richard Hein - Désiré François- Ras Natt Baby - Natir Chamarel - Denis Serret - Kurwin Castel - Lionel Permal - Geraldine Secondis - The Prophecy - Roberto Reine de Carthage - Lespri Ravann - Kirty Oclou - Samuel Dubois